From my Sister

I’m over my Kuwaiti father leaving me……but then again why am I here commenting lol it doesn’t bother me so much as having to explain to my 11 year old Kuwaiti son why we don’t have anything to do with my father….his grandfather’s… It’s also embarrassing when you try to work or even just go to the bank and people ask about your family because discussions like that are common and I don’t know how to answer when someone says “oh so do you know so and so” from my father’s family and I’m like “Ugh, ya sure whatever” and try to change the subject. It’s just awkward.
Since I have learned that in Islam and other major religions a child born out of wedlock is the mother’s sin to bear and religiously the child is not allowed to keep the father’s last name I kinda just shut down the subject in my head because I know that excuse is what my father is using and I can not argue with religion. Unfortunately I think a lot of the guys we r talking about use it too.
Religion is one thing and culture is another. I thank UAE for giving a voice for those of us left behind. I hope other gulf countries follow. After all what would it really hurt to give us our rights culturally if religiously we are shunned.
I didn’t choose to be born from “sin” and what was happening when the major religions were created is a bit different now. Why should we have to pay for our parents lapse of judgement? At least a nationality, recognition that we exist and have another half of our soul.


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