We just want our rights!

My sister called me last night asking me to change some things like deleting her father and uncle’s names as she is afraid her father would retaliate against her if he found out about the site. I think it’s pretty sad that she still lives in fear of him. She’s actually afraid her father could have her framed and put into jail or take away her nationality. So I did as she asked and deleted some names even though I disagree and feel he should be known as a father who abandoned his child. She was talking about how other children in this situation should have the right to their nationality like the orphans do. Children who end up in the orphanage are given first class Kuwaiti nationality and are known as “children of the Amir”. Even if a child does not take his father’s last name they should still have the same rights in Kuwait as other citizens do. Children are given their father’s nationality which means once DNA is proven their children should be known as Kuwaiti citizens like their father. UAE and KSA has stepped up so when will Kuwait do the same?

3 comments on “We just want our rights!

  1. Cee says:

    Kuwait nationality for children born to reluctant or cowardly Kuwaiti fathers isn’t as simple as a DNA test. The Kuwait Nationality Act is subject to interpretation by various individuals and committees at different stages of the jensiyya process. If a case is denied at the administrative level and suit is brought in the court, DNA confirmation of paternity is necessary but other factors come into play, such as length of time in Kuwait and other nationality. All of this can drag on for many years– and the outcome is far from guaranteed.

    Also, despite the Islamic view that fatherless children are orphans, I don’t think the comparison to children in orphanages (“Chidlren of the Amir”) is relevant.

    KSA has NOT stepped it up. Kuwait is far friendlier to children (including adult children) than any other gulf state, but you must have a skilled, experienced attorney on your team.

  2. NoOne says:

    “She’s actually afraid her father could have her framed and put into jail or take away her nationality.”

    Take away her nationality? That means she has Kuwaiti nationality… yes?

    If so, that means he recognized her as his daughter, that means he had done all the paperwork for her to be registered and the paperwork be issued. That means he gave her the privilege to enjoy all the rights of Kuwaiti citizens.

    What does she want? She wants passion? Obviously she was a mistake and he has moved on with his life. Obviously her father is from a very well known family, and he is a high ranked airforce man. Are these posts an attempt to slander him?

    I think the sister who made these posts is being very is forcing her self on a subject that does not concern her but rather concern her sister. and I think she is being very inconsiderate on how these actions might backfire on her sister and the father of her sister.

    Life goes on, and we are not getting any younger… why are you barking at the wall?

  3. Left says:

    No I got my nationality from my ex husband not from my father. He never recognized me. As for me being a “mistake” ALLAH doesn’t make mistakes. We are all here for a reason. Your reply was a mistake and I ask ALLAH to guide u and allow u to have mercy for people just like u wish people to have mercy for you. Just remember we will be judged for every word we type and I will be asking for your response on the day of Judgment. You hurt me now I get rewarded for it later so thanks for your cruel, hurtful and judgemental statement.

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