A child left behind in Poland




I received an email from Mikolaj in Poland regarding their father Abdulrahman Al-Boloushi who left a child behind in Poland in 1982. I think the email was written in Polish and translated to English.

I live in Poland, looking for his father Abdul Rahman al Boloushi age of about 55 years, in 1982 he left the documents to Kuwait and voice zaginoł after him, I have to address before 30 years, no one hce help me find my father I wanted to meet him and talk to it if somebody can pomódz is asked to contacton my email @, mikolaj.orlinski @ wp.

his photo from before the 30 years that made ??in Polish taxi, ask for help….

Niniejsza wiadomość może zawierać informacje poufne i/lub objęte ochroną. Jeżeli nie jest Pan/Pani zamierzonym adresatem tej wiadomości, prosimy o niewykorzystywanie treści e-maila do jakichkolwiek celów, niezwłoczne powiadomienie wysyłającego pocztą zwrotną o fakcie otrzymania korespondencji oraz usunięcie wiadomości wraz z załącznikami bez zachowywania jej kopii.

My mother met Rahman in Poland in Polish COAST Sopot in 1981, then I was born in 1982 to a Polishfather came after I was born around April in May, he had to return to Kuwait after the documents to be submitted in Polish Office where I live or in Poznan, was with his brother so he said to my mother as if he was in Poznan, he went to Kuwait and did not come back-he left me $ 100 under the pillow and the letter of the Koran.scans have his address, which left from before 30 years, and a picture of him if I have to send…

I’ve attached the picture and the letter his father left when he went back to Kuwait, can anyone help?

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  1. Left says:

    What was AbdulRahman ‘s father’s name and who was the brother that visited? I live near Sabahiya. I will drive by that address but I’m not sure Bloushi still live in that area.

  2. mikolaj says:

    Thanks for your help! so the name of my father RAHMAN it! before the address is 30 years. the scan shows that the address does not agree? I give my email address to you for faster correspondence! mikolaj.orlinski @ wp.pl

  3. Atif says:

    Mikolaj I hope u find your father brother Good luck!!

    • mikolaj says:

      I am looking for my father, and everyone refuses to help me in finding

      • Atif says:

        I went through the same thing when I first started my search…no help from anyone but keep faith strong and maybe something will turn up. Im wondering if the Kuwaiti embassy is easier to obtain info from then the Saudi one which is where my dad was from. Maybe Kuwaiti newspaper/print publications u can send ur story too?

  4. mikolaj says:

    I don’t know name of one’s grandfather, about it did the father say nothing? I have an old address which he left behind from ahead of 30 years where lived in Kuwait

  5. mikolaj says:

    please help in finding the father, if anyone can publish the above blog in a newspaper or on facebook. I’ll be grateful for each help!!!!!!

  6. mikolaj says:

    if anyone knows my father let him inform him that I’m looking for, and please contact us !!!!!!!

  7. mikolaj says:

    I sent to all Kuwaiti newspaper nobody even answered me? someone who lives in Kuwait, he can help me, because that person is in place and know their city and know where to go for what newspapers and institutions! so much time looking for his father that he did not have power, everyone rejects me! collect money to yourself to come and can go find him and find out if you can apply for citizenship?

  8. If your parents weren’t married when you were born then one has no rights to Kuwaiti citizenship and you are not recognized by the father unless he claims you as his child. Without further information or someone recognizing his picture there is no way to find him. If you knew your grandfather’s name it might help but there is not much you can do at this point.

  9. mikolaj says:

    Father after I was born in 1982 he moved to Kuwait after the documents said that during leaving for Kuwait! and did not return, he wrote to my mother how to address something has happened to him could tell! and lost contact father has not given any sign of life today? how can I find him only by publication in a newspaper, or friendly people!, you can see the scans of documents that are written by hand!, and the address of before 30lat.embassy refuses to help me, how can I find it out-you may like to TV Kuwaiti published a picture of someone he would have recognized him!

  10. mikolaj says:

    don’t know name of one’s grandfather from the side of the father??? did the father say nothing about it? how I am supposed to seek it out after all the way must be some!!!!!!!

  11. mikolaj says:

    if anyone can help me who lives in Kuwait, please just help to find his father had not seen for 30 years? every guy wants to be a father, or to meet him, looking for him for so many years this blog is my only recourse in finding!!!!!!!!! !.

  12. Left says:

    I feel your pain Mikolaj but the problem is that it is a big problem to just go to people and say HEY YOU HAVE A SON LOOKING FOR YOU. It’s not easy like that. People don’t interfere in personal business here. We can make people very angry with us and we live here. Not even the TV or Newspapers will get into family business. I came to Kuwait and found my father myself and talked to him personally. I didn’t get outside people involved because it is not good for the father’s personal life here. My father shut the door in my face.

    • mikolaj says:

      I understand that, but why not have my father with me to communicate quickly left the address on the card said that he must go to the documents to Kuwait? something must have happened if you do not come back? want to meet him and see who he is I’m a guy that’s normal that I want to know the father who left me 30 years ago?’s not easy for me to think that he left me!!!! !!!!!!!!!, here in Poland there any living personal life, I just want to meet him and see what I say after all these years! I lived alone for so many years, so it hurts me that I close the door, because if this is done, it’s finished for me an asshole who is not a guy ……., if he has a son who is like him and it is not disown it should be interested in it and not leave it in Poland, this is not done!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!. Here it is not easy to live without a father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!, I ask only for help in finding or a bad thing??

      • Left says:

        Mikolaj I went to Subahiya today and drove around for an hour. The address you have is incomplete because there is no street number. I asked people and many streets have a house numbered 928. Full addresses in Kuwait have Area Name Block Number Street Number House Number. Without a street number there are to many streets to try to find the house. 30 years ago Subahiya was desert and now it’s a full city.

      • mikolaj says:

        I am thanking you a lot for will! The father left such an address 30 years ago even on scans is orginalny record which he left behind.??? you don’t know somebody of whom so that it is possible to ask or who could in order to check this address if he looked 30 years ago, the address was 30 years ago good there was a friend of my grandfather there with the packet for the father and the father got back!!! how it is possible to reach now what address is after the back issue?? or to see cities to the map from ahead of 30 years? some way must be in order to reach this address which now is!!!!! I am calling for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so far that good persons can only help me as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Left says:

    See block 3 I found house 925, 927 & 929 but no 928 on the street I was looking. I asked some men and they said no way to know if you don’t have a street. I will keep asking people if they know but I don’t think we can do much with the address. Before 30 years there were a few houses now maybe 600 or 700 houses in block 3.

  14. mikolaj says:

    Thank you very much for the info!!!! How to ask about family Boloushi? Rahman Boloushi age or 55lat of this area? and you can copy the blog at the paper from the printer and put in a box or post office to have sent letters to several houses, uzbieam some money and I can send you? There must be some way!!? and maybe there is a housing estate administration to see the name of my father? I have a photo of his father with his colleagues may be able to help, or can I send an email?

  15. anonymous says:

    I just looked the address up on Kuwait Finder. I found two addresses that are similar to the address that you have. But it might be a different house since the address that you have is incomplete and very old (in one of the pictures it says that there is no block number and street number, (its written in arabic) probably because at that time the area didnt have streets yet)

    this is the addresses that I found
    Subahiya, Block 3, Street 11, House 72, Land 928.
    Subahiya, Block 4, Street 12, House 39, Land 928.

    I dont live near subahiya but I thought it might help if someone will go look.

    It will help a lot if you know his age?

    • mikolaj says:

      Thank you for your reply and help desperately need it! father is 56 years, I have the date of birth in 1956. !!! born in Kuwait

    • mikolaj says:

      Father left hand-written address for 30 years ago, and the data taken from the passport, he was in Poland in the years 1980-1982/3 may urbanism office in Kuwait will record had homes 30 years ago? I’ll be grateful for any help!!!!!

  16. Salma says:

    Dear Mikolaj,
    I am really sorry for you and the helpless situation you are in. Left is really doing a good job for trying to find your father. The address you gave is 30 years before. Maybe some neighbours would help. But I am sure the society and people are changed there.
    I don’t have a car otherwise I would really help you find. I will still keep this in mind and try my best if possible to look for your father.
    Your story and your situation really made my me cry.
    Wish you all the best and will keep you in my prayers.


    • mikolaj says:

      and I’m torn because I love to live and not know her father is a terrible thing for a man, and in everyday life do not have to ask for advice, or ask for help from support to live better and provide a better life, in Poland it is not easy but you have to be powerful because it gives you survive, I want to meet him and see what is human and that I looked in his eyes like a man!!!!!!!!! !

  17. mikolaj says:

    please help my ,publication newspaper kuwait.

  18. mikolaj says:

    I am looking for a contact

  19. mikolaj says:

    is there anyone can write me e-mail to the office of urbanism kuwait, maybe they will help determine my address from 30 years before what is it now? please help

  20. NoOne says:


    I think you better forget about this father of yours and move on. He doesn’t deserve you and if he wanted you he would have came back for you. Why hurt your self seeking him? Move on with your life.

    I saw your scanned documents and I read some of the comments where it appears that one of the people did try to help locate the house. What is interested with the address in the scan is the fact that he wrote “building 3, house 928″… which make no sense to me. Addresses in Kuwait are given like this: “Area Name, Block #, Street # and House # or Building #”. Without knowing the correct block number and street number, you’ll not be able to find the house. You can try searching for every house with number 928, but that means you have to go to every block (according to google maps there are 5 blocks in that area) and in every block there is at least a dozen streets and in every street the house number will repeat. The person who told you that he found “925, 927 & 929 but no 928” in Block 3 that means no 928 is an empty ground (926, 928 and 930 are probably just empty lands across the street from 925, 927 and 929). Also, the scanned envelope has stamp and comment from Kuwait postal service, it says that address does not exist.

    Anyhow, back to your scanned paper…

    Your father name as he wrote it to you translates to Abdulrahman Albuloshi. Not sure about the spelling of family name though. His first name short version is the one you said, Rahman. The Kuwaiti pet name for your father is Hamanni ;/

    I did quick google search for your father name… apparently Abdulrahman is a very popular name in Albuloshi family. It appears that they have a great grandfather whose name is Abdulrahman who is remarkable for some reason and thus they are naming their boys after him.

    One of the family elders (whose great grandfather named Abdulrahman) is found in this news paper article (who I think have resemblance to that man in the picture u posted): http://www.alanba.com.kw/weekly/literature-and-culture/from-the-past/120389/19-06-2010

    This young man is named Abdulrahman too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfaLUUfazRo

    And this older man who was running for parliament and is/was member of disabled club named Abdulrahman http://voteforkuwait.com/?p=10774

    What I think?
    The address given to you was incorrect and incomplete.
    The Buloshi family is huge. Common practice for someone to introduce themselves is to state their four names… thats how Kuwaitis recognize each others, and thats how Kuwaitis introduce themselves. Usually in Kuwait, you say your family name so people know what you are (origins, tribe, religious sect etc), you say your grandfather name so people know in which area you come from, and you say your father name because grandfathers in the past would have up to 15 children and end up with almost 200 grandchildren… so you need to identify who you are. Saying first and family name is like lost forever. and from the links above, you can see how great grandfather names are recycled over and over again.

    • mikolaj says:

      thank you for the exhaustive say! I think you’re right, I do not find it too much of a option, I only have the name of the name that was written with the documents and what my father wrote what is on the scans. Gone were my hopes of finding him? I thought the people of Kuwait will help me but I can see that there is no chance Thank you for your help! surprised me is the fact that the documents he had written Abdul Rahman Boloushi

      • NoOne says:

        Don’t expect much from Kuwaitis when it comes to finding your father. Kuwaitis are very good in keeping secrets. It is part of our culture. We hear gossip, but we don’t spread it around. Some people do spread gossip around… but the receivers keep it quiet. You could sit in a Dewaniyah (place where men gather) with 30 people… all 30 would know something about you… something that could be embarrassing or whatever… and they’ll deal with you as if they never knew about it… and to make things more amazing… they never talk about it with each others… each person has probably heard about it from someone else who doesn’t sit in that gathering!

  21. mikolaj says:

    but this is terrible! I just want to meet my father to see who is? know their roots, nothing more! but he is probably too weak to speak to me and make contact, as the guy I wanted to just KNOW!? It is a pity that the people there are so weird?? I had more time and money I’d arrived in Kuwait and I sought him alone

  22. Left says:

    Mikolaj I came to Kuwait and found my father. I talked to him a couple of weeks ago to basically close the door. I have been here for 14 years with not even so much as a phone call from him. The last phone call was all about how he suffered the last 32 years trying to hide the truth from people. How he didn’t get to become a high member of society because his secret (my existence) would always come up. It’s not a secret anymore I’ve been here for 14 years but he and his family choose not to acknowledge me or my children. But u know what? That’s ok. It’s his loss not mine. I’m a good person and I’m a good Muslim and I know ALLAH will reward me for my patience Inshallah Trust me u are not missing anything but more heartbreak. If he wanted u to be part of his life he would have made an effort to find you. It’s his loss. You don’t need him anyway.

    • mikolaj says:

      You’re right, for me it is cruel but true! only that it is not a real man because what is afraid to admit that the Son!!!!!! I always coped alone, and so on I will be counseled himself, I hope that allah wynagordzi me and God! To live without a father is hard to lack of support is always hurt me!! and in Poland it is not easy …….

      • Ahmed says:

        Mikołaju. Ważna jest też wojna która była w Kuwejcie. W Polsce poza tobą żyje kilka córek ojców z Kuwejtu. Kontakt urwał się m.in. gdy wybuchła wojna… Sprawa jest skomplikowana… mój mail: stanislawkorusiewicz@gmail.com
        I wersja angielksa dla Kuwejtczyków z Kuwejtu: And the English version for Kuwaitis from Kuwait:
        Nicolaus. Important is also a war which was in Kuwait. In Poland, live a few daughters of Kuwait fathers. Contact broke off when the war broke out … The matter is complicated… my mail: stanislawkorusiewicz@gmail.com

  23. mikolaj says:

    My father returned to Kuwait where there was a war at this time, and the track is gone after him? how do I find him or my family in the cell I am in Poland and there is no one who could be me pomódz in Kuwait please help! This war was cruel to us all, and for me! I trace my father is gone and the address that left me as I was leaving the documents to Kuwait is 30 years before anyone could recognize him from the photo!!!

  24. mikolaj says:

    help my please brethren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mikolaj says:

    I earn a trip to Kuwait each financial aid will be useful please help

    bank :

    47 1140 2004 0000 3202 7009 2718

    • B. says:

      My mother used to live around that area! I’ll ask her and get back to you! This family is fairly famous in Kuwait and the Kuwaiti community is so small!! What even helps is that you have a picture!! My mom is close to his age.. Hopefully hopefully she’ll know of him and I’ll let you know regardless of what I know… Hopefully you’ll see this

    • current account for support
      27 1140 2017 0000 4102 0435 1342

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