Pictures of Mikolaj

Here’s a picture of Mikolaj from Poland who is looking for his Kuwaiti father, his mother remembers the father’s “brother” who was named Rashid.

4 comments on “Pictures of Mikolaj

  1. sh5abe6 says:

    Why this people do that !! I’m from kuwait .. But I don’t know he’s father sorry

  2. mikolaj says:

    In kuwait hard to find someone? everyone is afraid

  3. mikolaj says:

    My father returned to Kuwait where there was a war at this time, and the track is gone after him? how do I find him or my family in the cell I am in Poland and there is no one who could help me in Kuwait please help! This war was cruel to us all, and for me! I trace my father is gone and the address that left me as I was leaving the documents to Kuwait is 30 years before anyone could recognize him from the photo!!!

  4. mikolaj says:

    I earn a trip to Kuwait each financial aid will be useful please help
    bank :

    47 1140 2004 0000 3202 7009 2718

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