An angel left behind

Hello everyone honestly I don’t know where to start my letter,but I feel that it’s time for me to share my stories about my daughter.. I don’t even know if it’s right to post the things that I need to say to my daughter’s father.. But it’s almost 5 years that I kept it for myself and now its time to speak.. First I want to say thank you that I found this site for the Kuwaiti children left behind.. Through you the people like us Who doesn’t have a voice to speak can have the chance now to express our feelings.. And for that I’m grateful.. I met the father of my child in Kuwait last 2009, I was working there since 2006 in Beirut complex in hawally as a sales lady in a perfume shop.. I don’t want to elaborate everything that happened before my only concern is my daughter.. To Khaled yousef Ahmed Alotaibi I just wish with you a very pleasant Day.. If it happens that one day you will see this message I just really Hope that you don’t forget what you have for me and that is our daughter.. I didn’t mean to cause any problems with you, I don’t know if you are married or not but the only concern that I have is the right and your responsibility as a “FATHER” your daughter now this coming Aug 24 will be turning 5..and until now she doesn’t have a birth certificate.. I tried my best to communicate with Philippine Embassy in Kuwait just to have a copy of her original birth certificate since she was born in Alsabah hospital in Kuwait last August 24,2010 you know what I’ve been through in your country because of what you did.. But this is not the time for me to keep on blaming each other.. I want her identity as a person..the last time I talked to you, you told me your gonna support her and even you kept a promise that your gonna celebrate her birthday in one of the finest hotel or resto in Manila? It’s almost 3years now.. But where are you?? Hiding?? I don’t even know how you can sleep at night knowing that you have a daughter!! Your own flesh and blood.. And your first child.. I remember when we was together you told me about your dreams.. I guess because that time I was so young and vulnerable.. Believing on everything what you said.. You know Khaled, I never give our daughter the reasons to hate you.. I thank God that in this span of five years I manage to fed her, to provide her needs even without your help.. I don’t want to happen someday that she will ask me about you ?I don’t want to hear from her mouth that Mom,did you ever tried your best to fight for my right as a daughter. And to let my Baba knows that I am looking for a father ..that he knows he have a beautiful daughter.. I’m really in tears writing this letter you know why? Coz I really know how it felt to grow up without a Father.. I don’t want to deprive this moment to her.. If the only way is through this site then I will gladly do it for her.. If you have a heart for your daughter.. Please let her feel that she have one.. I already forgave everything about you.. I love my daughter so much.. It’s her birthday Khaled on this August 24..she knows about you.. She knows her father is in Kuwait.. I hope you can read this letter.. Life is short Khaled and your not getting any younger anymore.. She needs you let her know her roots. Let her know you love her despite of everything.. God bless you..

4 comments on “An angel left behind

  1. Left says:

    My tears are falling with you. I wish U all the best but just know YOU are the BEST for your daughter. Don’t ever let yourself feel guilty or upset about what her FATHER did and how he chose to handle the situation. As long as you raise your daughter to be a good girl and to be strong she will be fine. Don’t ever let her feel that she is less because her father isn’t around! Don’t let it be an excuse for her to make bad choices in life. You have to be strong and always remember GOD will not give you more than you can handle! Never give up GOD is always there! Mary was a single mother and her son was Jesus (peace be upon him)!

    • zeinab abdul says:

      Hy again I am not seeing the comment i posted so I am writing this one to make sure atleast you get a reply from me.I want you to know your daughter is not alone. Dont worry she will grow up to be a strong young woman.

  2. zeinab abdul says:

    Hello dear,
    I want to thank you for writing about this. I am crying as I write this comment. You see my father is a kuwaiti and he had business in Africa, kenya and met my mother and even when my mother avoided him because she was in love with someone else somehow he made it possible to be with her and marry her. He came he saw he conquered as they say. So my mum didnt get a chance to fully evaluate the effects of marrying a foreigner especially the effects it would have on me, the result of that marriage. So here I am at age 21 in college, and I can tell you I have grown up without a father in the house. My father divorced my mum when i was three years old.after that, he would send monthly allowance and we would get by somehow. My mum raised me with the help of my grandmum-her mother. So then my mum moved on when i was 12 and married my step dad. Things then started getting difficult . I didnt have my mum to myself anymore and one visit from my dad every year or so didnt make up for this loss. So you can imagine my life as an adolescent without both parents in the house. I will truly say I am lucky to have reached 21 with a sane mind. But I feel hurt that I was deprived that family love and warmth. I think I am damaged somehow because of this and I fear it may cost me an emotionally fulfilling life in future but at the same time I have hope that my life will be different and that my future children will have a better life than me.
    I am grateful to myself for having been strong. These challenges have made me a self-determined and strong young woman who is determined to make wise choices about her life so her future children will not rewrite history. God bless you all.

  3. Jannah Alotaibi says:

    Hi am sorry about this situation something similar happened to me. Unfortunately no one will help Arabs are afraid to get involved in these issues the only one that can fix it is the father of your child and he will never fix it. The lawyers and the family will not help out the sad truth is there is no heart in their souls. Khaled is probably married and with his own children that him and his parents accept. I too have a daughter from a Kuwaiti man he is from the Almutairi family and my baby is 1 year old me he has never meet her and he denies it since the child was born out of wedlock these Bedouin families have a close mind and are arrogant and they don’t want to put the family name to shame.

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