Saudi Arabia brings back their citizens

RIYADH: The Charitable Society for the Welfare of Saudi Families Abroad — Awasser — has been exerting great effort to bring back to the Kingdom Saudi nationals and families that resulted from marriages abroad contracted by means that run contrary to the Kingdom’s regulations.

Awasser Chairman Tawfiq Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailem said during an interview with a local publication that his society “is trying to put a smile on the faces of many Saudi families abroad” by working to reunite them with their relatives in the Kingdom.
“Our work involves direct collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Saudi embassies, in addition to civil society organizations and charities,” said Al-Suwailem, while explaining the mechanism for reaching out to the families abroad.
He also said that 2,283 such families have been found so far in 31 countries around the world by the society and relevant official agencies. Together with their family members, this adds up to 8,012 individuals.
“Some of these families receive financial assistance, others administrative help. About 24 new families were added to the list (receiving assistance) during the last three months, while 47 families were removed from the list either because their situations got better or they have already returned to the Kingdom” said Al-Suwailem.
So far, 27 families — or 67 individuals — returned.
“The return procedure involves receiving the families at the airport, securing temporary residences for them, renting apartments and furnishing them, providing for their living expenses and giving them a national identity card, if they do not have them,” said Al-Suwailem, adding that Awasser constantly extends advice and counseling to the Saudi citizens traveling abroad, including warning them about being lured by marriage brokers and advising them to seek the help of the Saudi embassy officials before taking any step.
Al-Suwailem said there are immoral people who seek to take advantage of Saudis who travel abroad, receiving them at airports and convincing them to do things with, often with dire consequences, most often using young women to trap their victims.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development grants annual support to Awasser to carry out its work, said the chairman. Private sector institutions also provide aid.
In the course of its operations, the society comes at times across unusual cases, said Al-Suwailem.
“We witnessed a humanitarian issue that greatly affected us while we visited two families in one of the countries. A young man and a young woman had the same father and shared the same family name; having different mothers,and they had never met.
“In another case, a young man came to the society with his mother to invite us to his wedding and said he never knew his father. There are also situations where the father died without telling his family about his second marriage. Lawsuits are filed by the sons of the foreign mother, who claim their inheritance rights.”
Awasser, the first and only Saudi charitable organization authorized for these services, also grants financial support, winter allowance and school assistance to children living abroad, and includes them in King Abdullah scholarship program.

==It seems as if Saudi Arabia is the only GCC country recognizing the families left behind from foreign marriages but I don’t think they include illegitimate children.

4 comments on “Saudi Arabia brings back their citizens

  1. Diane Ornelas Noor - Ortiz says:

    I married a Kuwaiti man who abandoned me when I was 8 months pregnant. I don’t understand why he never tried to contact me or our son? Then new year 2017, I get a text message with the devastating news of his passing away November 2016. We were invited to go to Kuwait to meet my son’s 4 brother’s, 2 sisters and extended family. Needless to say it was a disappointment to my son and I. Seems the trip was so my son could sign legal documents that would include him in father’s lineage and get money from Kuwait government as well as dual citizenship. Thing is all documents where in Arabic. When I ask for documentation to be translated into English. That’s where things went so wrong. My son would not sign documents because he had no idea what those documents contained. Long story short. His brothers and sisters no longer communicatexists with my son. By the way my son is the oldest son of his father’s 1st legal marriage. We are having difficulty trying to see if Kuwait does honor dual citizenship without losing his American Citizenship? We did try to hire an attorney in Kuwait who said my son was entitled to his father’s estate at the cost of 5,000 KD and 10% of settlement? When I converted 5,000KD into American dollars.
    I was in shock at the amount in USA ($16,475.25) plus 10% of settlement. If anyone has any information on how or where to go and hopefully who to contact in order to see what my son is entitled to receive from his absent father’s estate.

    • helpgcckids says:

      It’s typical for families to fight over money. Your son would have to come back here and deal with a lawyer, they are expensive and useless but that’s the way it goes. It’s better he didn’t sign anything as it could’ve been him signing over his rights or something. You should’ve had a translator but I’ve included an email address for a lawyer who sometimes answers questions.

  2. Diane Ornelas Noor - Ortiz says:

    Thank you kindly for your response. Yes I did conversed with that attorney, he’s the attorney who wants $16,475.25 plus 10 % of settlement. I am still looking for an attorney with a reasonable charge?

  3. helpgcckids says:

    If you send me an email I will send you a phone number of a Kuwaiti female lawyer who helps foreign women divorced from Kuwaitis. Send it to kuwait411@yahoo, this is my email.

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