This blog will be used as a forum for those who want to speak up and tell their story of being left behind. I follow in the foot steps of Jennifer, the creator of Saudichildrenleftbehind.com as she is the first to bring this subject to light and is getting a lot of attention in KSA. There are stories from children whose fathers come from all over the Gulf. My personal experience is with Kuwait/Qatar and I hope those who have a story to share will share it here. Contact info: helpgcckids@yahoo.com, thanks for stopping by.

8 comments on “About

  1. I will name and shame says:

    Can you plese contact me I want to expose a man who dumped his child, I want you to make a page with all his details and pictures so the mother can find him and getting her rights for their daughter. Please email me so i can giving details

  2. mikolaj says:

    my story is that the father left me when I was 1 year left for Kuwait to submit the documents before the Polish office as my father, he went and no trace of him was lost? now looking for him, no one is able to help me I can not find poi 30 years, I have an address that left but he is before 30 years, I wanted to find him to make contact and get to know him as he thi man! but apparently it is not given to me so that I may know him, it’s hard to live without knowing his biological father!!! it is normal that he wants to meet him, but do not know how to find him in this great Kuwait.? I have the two pictures before 30 years had left while in Poland, and his letter of Quran …..

  3. Sahil anand says:

    How can I donate the money for the poor kids

  4. Megha says:

    Hi my name is Megha (Aysha), I am looking for an adoption of a child.. i know how a child feels when he/ she is lonely and without his parents..

    Please guide me with the procedure of adoption of a child..

    i would like to contact your organization and get in touch with u..

  5. jamesblackphoto says:

    Hello I’m turning 33 this year. My father is from Kuwait and was married to my mother when I was born. Soon after I was born my father and mother divorced and he left to go back home. My father is a general for the NATO infantry the last time I looked into it. I feel it would be easy to get ahold of my fathers family since my grandfather is a prominent figure I. The government. I’ve tried and ran into problems. Do you think your organization would be able to help get in contact with my family in Kuwait?

    • helpgcckids says:

      Hi there,

      I don’t have an organization, just an American blogger who has grown and up with a half Kuwaiti sister and gave birth to a child who’s father is from Qatar and left her behind. I can post your story, just write it out in an email and attach pictures if you like. I live here in Kuwait so I might be able to help as long as I have your father’s first/middle/middle/last name. 🙂

      • muna says:

        Can you aslo help me to track my fathers family.he died during the gulf war and didnt register me and his family abandoned me.

        My fathers name is Khalid abbas fayiz hassan

        Plz contact me asap.
        Thnk u

      • helpgcckids says:

        I would like to post your story and any information you have. If you have any identifying paperwork? marriage cert? etc

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